Qr Magazine: Young. Gay. Now.

Qr Magazine is looking for writers, models and photographers!

Writers, do you have stories, opinions, observations to share with the world? Are you passionate about young gay life, do you have heartfelt poetry or embarassing stories? Qr is looking for all types of writing, from tales of your first kiss to poetry about the boy next door, a review of that TV show you're addicted to, or maybe just a bitchy look at George Bush. Spell-check it and then cut-and-paste your writing into the online contribution form.

Photographers, are you passionate about your craft? Do you want others to see the world as only you can? Qr is looking for photographers from around the globe, to feature their work, collaborate on photo shoots and brainstorm themes. Upload some pics or point us to your portfolio via the online contribution form.

Models, wanna be seen by thousands of wandering eyes? Think you have what it takes to appear in the hottest new gay men's magazine? Qr is looking for fun, funky models of all descriptions, especially those that defy the norm. We're all tired of the same airbrushed muscle boys, so if you've got a hot look, send it our way! Upload some pics or point us to your website using our online contribution form.


Qr Magazine articles vary in style, but here are some general guidelines: We look for stories that are well-written, funny, hip, smart, and read more like a conversation than an academic disertation. Qr Magazine articles should be well-reported and contain no factual errors. For columns and opinion pieces, feel free to use slang, your own opinions, crazy language, etc. to add flavor to your article.

Forget everything you’ve learned about writing in college... ok not EVERYTHING, you shouldn’t forget grammar rules and basics like that, but when submitting your work for Qr bear in mind that we are looking for fluid and relaxed writing, not scholarly essays.

Qr Magazine is a forum for gay youth; therefore, we’re on the lookout for personal writings about young gay life, stories of young gay people making a difference, musings on current cultural climates, and basically any over the top whacky ideas you may have.

As a writer it is your duty to put an interesting spin on topics that are otherwise overplayed (how about writing the world’s most exciting coming out story?), and it is also your duty to open our readers eyes to new points of views we may have not known existed, not only will this guarantee you getting published, it will also guarantee you becoming an internationally known writer that gets all the ladies/men.

The best thing about writing an article is that they can be on any topic, if you lean towards the political, social, religious, or if you want to educate our readers on how to properly apply makeup before heading out to a glitzy nightclub, then send those in.

Fiction too! We love fiction, we love fiction so much we have a Dostoevsky poster up next to our Aaron Carter/Andy Roddick/whatever poster. Short stories should be submitted like regular articles, but if you have a multi-chapter saga in the works, then send us the first five chapters to whet our appetites.

There are themed issues in the magazine, such as Acceptance or Faith, but don’t think of those as limitations for your writing, think of them as broad guides for the type of paper you’ll submit. If your article is good and unrelated to the theme then submit it anyway.


Qr Magazine has a straightforward typographic style, which is used throughout the magazine. Writing that you send to us will be better received if it fits our established typographic format. A few rules:

  1. Use “smart quotes” instead of "straight ones."
  2. And also for ‘single quotes’ and everyone’s apostrophes.
  3. Always use the em dash with no neighboring spaces—never single dashes.
  4. Use square brackets [like this] rather than parentheses (you know).
  5. Indent the first line of each paragraph with one tab, with no spaces between paragraphs.
  6. Unlike on a typewriter, with computer fonts, it's appropriate to type one space after a period, not two.


Qr Magazine will never publish a submission without consulting the author beforehand. If you do not hear from us for a while, don't fret... we may be holding on to your work for consideration in a future issue.

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