<strong>Qr</strong> Magazine: Young. Gay. Now.

Qr Magazine is a new monthly magazine
by and for young gay men.

Being Queer isn't quite what it used to be, but there's no need to be completely clueless!

Introducing Qr Magazine, the magazine by and for the young gay man—the new monthly magazine that unapologetically spotlights the flourishing and diverse life of young gay guys with honest, shocking and sexy content.

Qr Magazine is the alternative. Like our readership, the magazine embraces content that is controversial, opinionated, ironic, and most importantly up-to-date with the tastes and likes of America's gay youth. Presented to ages twenty and up, Qr is a refreshingly honest approach to the stale same-old-same-old world of gay pop culture. Our market is young, but our appeal is universal, especially to those who have been waiting for a gay magazine with some bite.

Qr Magazine is not only a magazine for youth, but it also captures the spirit of youth. We are playful, queer, sexy, and edgy. Unlike other gay magazines, Qr doesn't merely report news or dryly express popularly held assumptions on queer politics, we taunt homophobia, explore controversial gay subjects, question gay cultural mores, share outrageous personal stories, and skewer with satire.

What is Qr?

At the center of any young gay man's life lies a question: Who am I?

Qr Magazine celebrates this question, by exploring what it means to be young and gay in 2024:

Here are a few profiles of our readers:

Qr's target readership is aged 20-26: young professionals, college boys, struggling artists, post-grads, club kids, even aspiring rock stars. Qr focuses on the larger issues surrounding young queer life: questioning sexuality, youth politics and wider cultural trends. Qr appeals to straight/questioning boys as well as gay youth activists, cultural connoisseurs, highly opinionated gay intellectuals, and—of course—anyone who enjoys seeing boys kiss.

Qr's audience is young, trendy, funky, queer, alternative, innocent, geeky, bored, adventurous, disappointed, playful, political, non-scene, confused, intelligent, romantic, cute, flirty, sassy, and discovering.


Qr is written by-and for-young gay men. From blog post-style articles to exotic travelogues, the majority of Qr's content is user-submitted; in this way Qr Magazine cultivates a strong sense of community and identity with its readership.

Each issue of Qr is focused around a unique theme, bringing refreshing and unpredictable content to its readers. Glossy, perfect-bound on thick stock, each issue is collectable and timeless. Trendy, intelligent and ironic, our readers identify with the quality content in each issue of Qr.

Qr differentiates itself dramatically from the usual, boring recipes found in gay magazines today, instead focusing on fresh content and opinions, which empowers, educates, challenges, and entertains a new generation of queer youth. Some examples of our regular features:

We showcase coming-out stories, heartfelt poetry, tales of unrequited love, bullying at school, lust on the dance floor, awkward dates from hell, and surviving that quarter life crisis. Qr readers are central to the magazine's message.

Qr is honest, provocative, alternative, fresh, funky, flirty, hot, in-your-face, helpful, playful, positive, political, non-scene, worldly, intelligent, innovative, sassy and shocking!

Qr Magazine—your guide to being young, gay and cool!