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Bad Jamie Debut CD

Sunday, February 25th, 2007


This Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and watching Bad Jamie perform here in NY.

They’d sent me their CD beforehand as they’re down with Qr Magazine. I put the tracks onto my iPod and loved all their songs, but I was still unprepared for how good they are live.

They look and sounded clean and crisp while simultaneously being explosive on-stage. They’re a great blend of glam and grunge with incredibly catchy songs. Overall I could tell they’d won some major fans over that night (a guy who complained about too many boy bands quickly shut up once they started playing).

Not only do these boys have talent, but they’re also–and this almost goes without saying–completely adorable. Just look at em! I suggest everyone out there buy their debut CD because great alterna-queer bands like this are few and far between.

Check out their myspace page: Badjamiemusic
I recommend Washboard and Mollie’s Alright for your first listening.
Official website:

And stay tuned for a future Qr interview with the boys.

Gay Wedding Comedy And Owen Pallett

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Chuck & Larry’s” Wedding:

“If your movie already has Adam Sandler marrying Kevin James, and a side order of Jessica Biel for desert [sic], what more do you need to make a comedy?”

Fire Jessica Biel?

I’ll reserve judgement about this movie until I see the awful trailer, but 20 dollars says one of the boys will use being gay to get close to a girl, and there’ll be some homo character support in order to round out all the edges.

On another topic:

I’m not Mr. Uber-sensitivity by any means, but I adore Owen Pallett’s ballads (unlike some people around here who shall remain nameless). He’s cute, has a great voice, beautiful lyrics, great epic melodies, and he’s gay. I’d love to do a profile on him for the magazine, so opinions are welcome.

ACLU fights for youth rights

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Check out some of the video interviews: