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Italy, Gay Marriage, and not all Catholics…

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

So, ya, out of this qr group, I’m bent on an issue… This one hits a bit closer to home than the Washington State article on the same topic. Read the link. ( Italians rally for gay and unwed couples’ rights. ) So, it crosses a few issues and you can’t really determine how many of the “for over a million Italians who are not linked by religious marriage but want their rights recognized” Italians ARE gay (where I’m going to assume that most of them ARE Catholic).

The main part of the linked article that I particularly like:

“But one leader of rights group Arcigay, centre-left deputy Franco Grillini, said Italy had nothing to fear since 20 other European countries already had ‘much more radical’ laws. ‘None of these countries has seen the apocalyptic forecasts about the fate of the traditional family come true,’ he said. ‘On the contrary, Denmark, the first country to introduce gay marriage, has a higher birth rate than Italy.’”

Though statistics prevail, it’s still a vote. I wonder if Italy has the same marital deductions as we do here.


On a side note: Seattle’s Catholic Archdiocese has been getting some religious flak:

One of Hunthausen’s (who’s no longer in position) most controversial acts was to permit a homosexual group, Dignity, to hold its own Mass in his cathedral. “They’re Catholics too,’ he explained. “They need a place to pray.’ Same thing happened in Detroit.

Cultural Learnings of Holland for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of America

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

One foggy evening in San Francisco, some 6 years ago on election night, I was sitting around having wine with some friends, watching election night results come in on MSNBCNNABCFOX and the ominous beginnings of the Al Gore Florida recount kerfuffle taking shape.

I got a phone call around 11pm from one of my friends in New York. “Are you okay?” he asked, frantically, “I heard Bush had sent rail cars to San Francisco and they were going to start transporting gays to concentration camps.”

Perhaps a bit over the top, but the past 6 years have been retarded. The “us and them” debate explodes onto a global level, with Iraq and stem cell and gay marriage marriage equality and civil liberties and and and…

The Democrats are certainly the lesser of two evils, and I’m glad to see a potential triple-whammy of House, Senate and Guberatorial majorities. Word.

We still have a long way to go, of course, before we can flip on Sesame Street and see: