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Lovely, Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Who wouldn’t love flowers for Valentines? For that matter, who wouldn’t love flowers from their boyfriend any day of year? Don’t need a reason, would be the best reason to receive them. But I’m just digressing, and pouting.

OKAY! Going along the themes of love and, for some, lament, Italy’s recent famous ancient hugging couple: read it about it here. (hope i did that right ^.^, heh, i’m not the techie of this group.)

But what if these two people were guys? Just thinking of it makes you smile a bit. The news article from Reuters comments that the gender of these two stone-age-ic individuals is undetermined. Scientists have, for “feel-good” and protective reasons, decided to keep the bones as they are and just move the whole plot to a safer location (a museum obviously), so they might never answer the question as to what gender they are. Maybe if it were to turn out that these lovers were two guys, people as a whole would probably assume they’re in the midst of anger, as some readers have suggested.

I’d like to think that these two could be guys in a love embrace - it gives me a good optimistic feeling about my upcoming Valentines… even if it’s without any flowers. Ciao!