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MySpace whore

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Hey everyone,

This is Greg, Qr’s Art Director and the one stuck managing Qr’s Myspace page. I know it sounds silly but keeping up with Qr’s MySpace page sometimes feels like a full-time job, but it’s a fun getaway from chasing down photographers and laying out pages for Issue 1.

Myspace has been an amazing resource for Qr, for finding writers and models to feature in the magazine. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of messages from people interested in contributing to Qr and those who just want to give a few words of support.

‘I applaud you on this project. It seldom that you find a piece of media that is geared towards the very different, not just the gay “norm” (I hate that word!) Hope to see more of what you got to offer soon. Let me know where I can get the magazine. ;-) Peace out homes!’ -Cabbie

‘I love what you all are doing. If you ever need any help for columns or photos or anything…drop by and leave me a message. I hope you are very successful in the.’ - Love you all, “C”

‘Thanks for the request, Qr! It is nice to see a new magazine out for our community! I see a lot of promise for this magazine, good luck!’ -Myles

I’m real excited. what a great idea, wish this had started when I was younger…what am I saying I am still a baby. good luck.’ -Richie

‘I was drinking myself into oblivion when I got your request, but now I’m motivated to write. thanks. as repayment, I’d like to help you out. let me know what I can do. best of luck.’ -Brandon

When Qr posted the preview of the first issue, I started making Qr covers for friends and supporters of Qr in hopes they would make their main pics Qr covers and help spread the word. Many of our friends had changed their main pics but the greatest surprise was when I got a message from a very bright handsome young man from Bristol, England.

From: Your CandyMan
To: QrMagazine

Any good for a beginner? lol xxx


This is the best compliment the staff of Qr has gotten. Thank you Candyman and to everyone who has sent a message.

Come check out Qr on MySpace by clicking on the image below and make sure to say hi.


Keep it Qr,