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For the past few months, we’ve felt guilty. The whole Qr Magazine staff. Myself, especially. As the reluctant leader of this asylum, I hate stringing you boys along. I’m not the type to play games [ask… um… any of my exes…] but we’ve had to kinda keep quiet the last few months as some exciting developments have been percolating for your favorite new gay mag.

But then today, I realized that, as gay men, we love nothing more than when we’re treated a little bit poorly. After the second date, we wonder “will he call me?” After the third date, we wonder “is this going anywhere?” When a weekend goes by and you stalk him on Facebook and see he’s having all kinds of fun [with all kinds of cute ‘friends’] but was too busy to drop you a line? We agonize, we write poetry, we complain to our friends.

But then, out of the blue, he sends you flowers. And then, everything is fine. Better than fine. Because, we not only feel that warm fuzzy feeling of romantic lurve, we also feel this alpha-male [cuz all gay men are competitive like that] sense of conquest and accomplishment.

So, consider this little blog post an apology from the Qr Staff for our radio silence these past few months, but trust that we’re working hard to bring you the voice of young gay America.

And by ‘America’ I mean the country that made the iPhone and Madonna and Ugly Betty, and not the country fighting in a false war for phony reasons with a puppet president. You know, the one that everyone likes.

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Much love,

The Qr Staff

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