Domestic Partnership Recognized, but still 400 laws are out of reach?

Ya, I’ve been following the whole marriage equality issue… at least in Washington State (trying to find a bastion on the West Coast). And yes, it something we might be thinking about.

So ya, I don’t know if it’s pretty words or not, but there are arguments that allowing this quasi-state of a recognized relationship is just clouding the real issue of whether or not gays should be allowed to be married. It’s mostly the right-winged people who are saying this, probably because making such a huge step would be shot down easily. To me, baby steps. I don’t think that it is a slippery-slope way of doing things… It’s more like saving money, penny-by-penny, where we all probably can’t save a thousand dollars at once today, but we can do it if we take baby steps over time - it leads to a positive, thought-out conclusion. Well, I’d like to hear what y’all think… because I still think this is about money… Take a look: Gay rights bill for couples passed; Governor plans to sign domestic partnership law

Update: thanks for the comment. Ya, I was wrong. Well, I should be more precise. My ‘bastion’ would be to actually allow gay marriages to happen. Domestic partnerships, though a step, still leaves out many marital deductions. I want a West Coast’s Massachusetts. Ooooo, let’s take bets on which of the Pacific Ocean touching states would allow gay marriage first. Hawaii, anyone?

Update again: K, Mr. Editor-in-Chief. Your all or none approach won’t get us there. I’m all about the rights, and more so about the money. So, I agree with you that this domestic partnership thing is not enough due to some 400 laws are still out of reach - and I’m just saying that most of those rights have to do with money issues, i.e. not being able to deduct for a spouse, or not being able to take an exemption upon death, or something. We need to start asserting our rights to the same marital ‘money’ rights.

I kind of believe Washington will beat out the other two West Coast states in allowing gay marriage… why? Being a native skews me a bit. West Coast sucks, hunh? Where did you meet your Aussie guy? Wasn’t your fling in LA? Give me a break, the surfer dudes are totally hotter than your pasty pale suit-and-tie lackies. Oh wait, put a surfer dude in a tie.. heh heh, hot… like opening a well packaged present. (Am I blogging correctly?)

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