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“Out” Magazine (notice the quotes) just came out with their “50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America” issue. Yawn. Here’s the list:

  1. David Geffen
  2. Anderson Cooper
  3. Ellen DeGeneres
  4. Tim Gill
  5. Barney Frank
  6. Rosie O’Donnell
  7. The New York Times Gay Mafia: Richard Berke, Ben Brantley, Frank Bruni, Stuart Elliott, Adam Nagourney, Stefano Tonchi, and Eric Wilson
  8. Marc Jacobs
  9. Andrew Tobias
  10. Brian Graden
  11. Jann Wenner
  12. Andrew Sullivan
  13. Suze Orman
  14. Joe Solmonese
  15. Fred Hochberg
  16. Christine Quinn
  17. Perez Hilton
  18. Scott Rudin
  19. John Aravosis
  20. Sheila Kuehl
  21. James B. Stewart
  22. Nick Denton
  23. Tom Ford
  24. Nate Berkus
  25. Adam Moss
  1. Jim Nelson
  2. Lorri L. Jean
  3. Adam Rose
  4. Annie Leibovitz
  5. Simon Halls and Stephen Huvane
  6. Bryan Lourd
  7. Bryan Singer
  8. Jonathan Burnham
  9. Brian Swardstrom
  10. Robert Greenblatt
  11. Chi Chi LaRue
  12. Dan Mathews
  13. Neil Meron and Craig Zadan
  14. Ingrid Sischy
  15. Marc Cherry
  16. Carolyn Strauss
  17. Irshad Manji
  18. Jodie Foster
  19. Christine Vachon
  20. André Leon Talley
  21. Hilary Rosen
  22. Matthew Marks
  23. Benny Medina
  24. Mitchell Gold
  25. David Kuhn

Bloggers. Photographers. Journalists. Closeted actors and newscasters.

Reeeeeeally?! Is this the best you can do? How booooooooring. You’ll also note that “Out” chose two closeted celebs for their cover—Jodie Foster and Andersoon Cooper. Bold. What a statement.

Excuse us while the Qr Staff go back to sleep. We’ll be up at 11am to make a real statement, to make a real difference, to continue convincing the world that we’re more than a list of 50 nobodies.


p.s. what did you give up for Lent? Besides vaginas?

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