Crying at the Discoteq

Our second issue, Discoteq is already shaping up to be a wonderful, giggly experience for us [the shy, timid, introverted Qr Staff] but I know it’s going to be a defining issue for our current & future fans.

from the movie Groove

Gettin’ krunk with your boys at the party, meeting Mr. Right on the dancefloor at midnight all Queer as Folk style, forsaking the gay scene forevah evah, doing the all-night rave circuit, slurping back Cosmotinis with your gayuppie friends—Discoteq will be celebrating, capturing and the escape we all seek stepping out, stepping foot on the dancefloor.

In the 70s on one hand young gay men were forced to seek refuge in underground, exclusively-gay clubs… but on the other hand they enjoyed a hedonistic pre-AIDS freedom that we’re still dealing with (and perhaps overcompensating for) today. And they got to enjoy disco music the first time around—can you believe it? I’d love to have a time machine, just for one night…

For me, my Studio 54 moments were shared between geeky college parties where I obsessed over the straight (and pseudo-straight hotties), doing the whole rave/Coachella/Burning Man thing, and some hedonistic jetsetting to London, England where boys have a very different kinda fun from us Yanks. Some gay boys choose to avoid the gay scene, some dive straight in and come out the other end a changed person—and some never come out at all, evolving from newbie to scene queen to alcoholic to partier to druggie to circuit boy to promoter to… oh… I dunno… sober leather daddy dom top. I think I just forcasted Kevin’s future (scary!)

We feature some amazing stories in our upcoming Discoteq issue—and some hot photos—but we’re always looking to hear from you dear reader! Qr is a celebration of all of our lives, and we want you to share your stories with us, and with each other.

Some of the stories we’re looking to hear from you:

  • What was your first time in a bar/club like?
  • Have you had a magical dancefloor moment?
  • What was your wildest college party like?
  • Why do you hate the gay scene/gay clubs?
  • What’s the sleaziest thing you’ve seen in a club?

Drop us a line if you’ve got a Discoteq story [or photo!] to share.

Keep it Qr,

Don’t freak out if you’ve been waiting for, looking for, praying for, crying for your copy of Outsider [Qr issue #1]… it’s not out yet. Sorry to be such a prick tease!


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