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Bad Jamie Debut CD

Sunday, February 25th, 2007


This Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and watching Bad Jamie perform here in NY.

They’d sent me their CD beforehand as they’re down with Qr Magazine. I put the tracks onto my iPod and loved all their songs, but I was still unprepared for how good they are live.

They look and sounded clean and crisp while simultaneously being explosive on-stage. They’re a great blend of glam and grunge with incredibly catchy songs. Overall I could tell they’d won some major fans over that night (a guy who complained about too many boy bands quickly shut up once they started playing).

Not only do these boys have talent, but they’re also–and this almost goes without saying–completely adorable. Just look at em! I suggest everyone out there buy their debut CD because great alterna-queer bands like this are few and far between.

Check out their myspace page: Badjamiemusic
I recommend Washboard and Mollie’s Alright for your first listening.
Official website:

And stay tuned for a future Qr interview with the boys.

Web 2.0 / The Online / RSS feeds / BlogOsphEre / The Internets

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Don’t get me wrong—starting a magazine is hella fun. You get all of the joys of starting your own business, which you can pour your heart and soul and sweat and tears and other bodily fluids into, and on top of that, the subject matter of Qr Magazine means we’re constantly involved and bombarded and surrounded with the never-ending excitement of gay youth. I’m not complaining—making a magazine to celebrate the lives of gay youth, to educate, empower and entertain our readers—there’s nothing quite like it.

However, one of the first things people say when I tell them about Qr is:

What?! A printed magazine? How boring? Why don’t you do something online?!

It’s valid enough question—there’s no denying that we’re all spending more and more time online, consuming more news/music/pr0n/boyfriends through the online. Hell, I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life building websites. Not to toot my own horn (I haven’t been able to do that since 8th grade), but in addition to being the founder, Publisher and Managing Editor of this fine magazine I’m pretty much an expert at all things internet. I’m well-versed in the social networking phenomenon, the Web 2.0 misnomer, and the exciting developments (and many problems) with providing content to a hungry online audience.

There’s a reason, of course, that an internet boy like me decided to start a print magazine. Nothing can quite replace the luxury of holding a glossy perfect-bound printed magazine in your hands. Flipping through an issue* of Qr is a joyous experience… full-page spreads of cute boys printed to perfection, articles that are easy to scan and skim and absorb, even an intuitive navigation system called “page flipping”.

People point to “popular” online news websites as proof that people would go for an online magazine. I wholeheartedly disagree… popular websites (e.g. New York Times, Slate, Slashdot,, Digg) are all article-driven, text-driven “distraction destinations”.

As more and more of us have day jobs or student lives which force us to “work” at the computer all day, we seek 3-minute distractions throughout the work day to take our mind off work. Skimming an article online, or clicking through a few Flickr photos of boys in their undies is not that same as whipping out your (wait for it, wait for it) copy of Qr Magazine. A premium magazine like Qr is portable (you can read it on the bus, on the toilet, while waiting for your friend at a café), it’s high quality (easier to read, better photos, easier to navigate) and permanent.

“Experts” insisted on the demise of the movie-going experience when VCRs came out, and they also insisted books would become obsolete with the advent of the internet (Amazon, anyone?)

Bigshot Editor and closet Qr Magazine reader Graydon Carter agrees, in a recent article from Good Magazine:

Magazines—or, rather, certain magazines—aren’t going away anytime soon. They have survived radio, movies, and television. And they have, so far, not perished at the altar of the internet. It will take something not known of today to replace the power of the combination of words and image when, as I have just said, they are aligned by the right hands. Magazines that tell stories in type and pictures will survive the coming electronic revolutions. Magazines that merely deliver information will have to either become stronger and more vital, or drown in the turbulent wakes of change.

We have some amazing plans for Qr, frankly, both in our print version and with our online strategy. But let me tip my hand now by saying that the print version will be our focus for the next few years, at least. We’re not gonna do a Flash flip-through, we’re not gonna force you to click through a PDF, we’re not gonna push some gimmicky “interactive” version of the mag down your throats. We are building a unique gay community portal, a new way for you to interact with other Qr readers and the oh-so-sexy Qr staff. And, we will have some of our print content available online.

In the very near future, when you subscribe and get this month’s copy of Qr in the mail, when you sneak over to Borders or your college bookstore and our cover model winks at you, when you hold your glossy copy of Qr in your hands you’ll understand.

Keep it Qr,


* I have to apologize again for teasing all of our fans—Qr is still not yet on newsstands. We’re working on it! In the meantime, do enjoy our online preview.

QBoy Comes Out To UK Classes!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

QBoy, Qr columnist and creator of the first Qr anthem (“Got my Qr!”) is now adding presenter to his long list of talents.

This Monday, February 26th Q will be presenting the documentary ‘Coming Out To Class‘ on UK’s Channel 4 network. The film follows QBoy’s own experiences of homophobic bullying at school and looks at today’s teens’ experiences of coming out and the lack of support they receive.

The show will be aired on Channel 4 in the UK this Monday at 10:30am local time. If you’re like most who read this blog and don’t live in the UK you will also be available on Channel 4’s new website as a free download. In conjunction with the program, QBoy has also recorded 2 special podcasts for Channel 4 Radio which will be featured on the new website for gay teens!

You can also hear QBoy discussing the show and his upcoming USA HomoRevolution Tour on this Monday morning from 8am.

We’re so proud! Keep on keepin’ it Qr, QBoy! [Kisses!]

For those of you who havn’t discovered Europe’s hottest homo-hopper, check out his latest music video!

For more on QBoy check out his Myspace

tucked away (about marriage equality)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

i was looking at an article as to how a cup of cocoa could help brain activity, or something. i didn’t get to the article because ‘i spied’ one of those ‘click here to watch video’ boxes. this one about marriage equality. it was from yahoo. tucked away somewhere. well, maybe it wasn’t tucked away before, but i haven’t seen it. well, to tell the truth, i’ve not been thinking about gay marriages (or as how my editor wants us to put it ‘marriage equality’). i’ve not googled “gay marriage” for a very long time. but the ‘marriage equality’, from my (and probably from Joffre’s initial take) view, it’s about rights

(though i don’t know if he knows what ‘important’ rights are granted, per se).

i’m talking about monetary rights, of course. when it comes to these subjects, i’m not into symbolism as much. but i do care about being able to claim those marital deductions, joint filings, ‘come as a couple - you get a discount’ ads ^.^.

that’s where the arguement should be. the inequality to gain those ‘filingstatus’ rights. it shouldn’t be a religious issue. should barely be a ‘who should raise a child’ issue (that should be left to those adoption agencies). it should be about the immediate rights when two people get marreid, that of taxes, property, medical, and estate planning. i heard it came to an issue of procreation as to why gay marriage rights wasn’t passed at the supreme court level in washington state. (a punting move by the court to get the legislative to make the laws, which was punted before by the legislative to the court system, i think) ‘procreation’? are you telling me that washington state won’t allow marriage equality because there’s a ‘rational basis’ or (whatstheotherterm?) ’strict scrutiny’ (do these even apply?) level of analysis telling gays to procreate? i’m sure if you tell a gay couple that they can’t get married because they have a ‘duty’ to procreate, you’ll get a ‘gotoheck’ answer.


this video [click here], was nice. wasn’t demanding anything. wasn’t being confrontational. it was to the point. and it, on the back end, proved a point. just live and let live? (and give me my ‘powerofattorney, maritaltaxdeduction, communityproperty, jointtenanc, medicalrights, and otherthings’ like other couples) i’m probably wrong hunh? u.u

(i didn’t read the legal pleadings - i’m sure they’re available online - but if i were these attorneys representing gay couples for marriage equality, i’d sue for monetary and tax bias given to ‘filed’ married couples by the government…. or something. none of this feelyfeely stuff. we’re americans. we may not all talk ‘religion-ish’ but we, for sure, talk ‘capitalism-ish’)

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Lovely, Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Who wouldn’t love flowers for Valentines? For that matter, who wouldn’t love flowers from their boyfriend any day of year? Don’t need a reason, would be the best reason to receive them. But I’m just digressing, and pouting.

OKAY! Going along the themes of love and, for some, lament, Italy’s recent famous ancient hugging couple: read it about it here. (hope i did that right ^.^, heh, i’m not the techie of this group.)

But what if these two people were guys? Just thinking of it makes you smile a bit. The news article from Reuters comments that the gender of these two stone-age-ic individuals is undetermined. Scientists have, for “feel-good” and protective reasons, decided to keep the bones as they are and just move the whole plot to a safer location (a museum obviously), so they might never answer the question as to what gender they are. Maybe if it were to turn out that these lovers were two guys, people as a whole would probably assume they’re in the midst of anger, as some readers have suggested.

I’d like to think that these two could be guys in a love embrace - it gives me a good optimistic feeling about my upcoming Valentines… even if it’s without any flowers. Ciao!

Qr Office IMs or The Evolution Of An Idea

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Eric Bogs [Publisher]: I have high standards
Kevin Joffré [Editor in Chief]: You have NO standards
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: that’s what makes you Eric Bogs
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: for chrissakes
ERIC BOGS: i have MANY standards, get it right
ERIC BOGS: “well, he may have acne and bad breath — but he IS french”
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I would say the phrase: “Eric has multple standards” is correct
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: “high standards?” no way
ERIC BOGS: hahahha
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: like “two legs”
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: and “at least an eye”
ERIC BOGS: hahahah
ERIC BOGS: we’ll have to compare notes sometime
ERIC BOGS: what’s the card game? Magic?
ERIC BOGS: we’ll play that but with photos of our exes
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: You’re on motherfucker
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I do aryans so I have the purity of race benefit
ERIC BOGS: “His six pack trumps your baby blue eyes”
ERIC BOGS: hahahah
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: so would it be called
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: “Five Card Stud”
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: heyoooooooo
ERIC BOGS: hahahah
ERIC BOGS: heyooooooooooo
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I was involved with this one boy
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: he sounded like Bea Arthur
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: he was 24 years old and chain smoked
ERIC BOGS: hahahah
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: oh i showed you the myspace pic and you said he had gay face
ERIC BOGS: ok this is retarded
ERIC BOGS: i’ve gotten 19 IMs and now 4 text messages about Anna Nicole
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: this is the biggest news OF THE WEEK
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: the world cares
ERIC BOGS: maybe i’m just dumb
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: Anna nicole was our national treasure
ERIC BOGS: what did she do beside model a bit, marry a rich guy, and be a druggie drunk?
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: she’s our big tittied icon
ERIC BOGS: i mean, that’s me in like 20 years
ERIC BOGS: hahahahah
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: well when you’re an icon and you die I will send out IMs
ERIC BOGS: has a ring to it
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I’ll remove your feeding tube
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: and hold a snickers bar to your nose
ERIC BOGS: hahahahah
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: i just got an IM from my friend who’s already bought “”
ERIC BOGS: genius
ERIC BOGS: sort of
ERIC BOGS: i’d go for something catchy
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I like that
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: TrimspaKills
ERIC BOGS: awwwwwwww
ERIC BOGS: with a flash movie
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: that idea is as gay as your face
ERIC BOGS: ooh new idea
ERIC BOGS: instead of “hot or not”
ERIC BOGS: “gay or not”
ERIC BOGS: to see how gay your gay face is
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: I like that
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: measure your gay face
KEVIN JOFFRÉ: i think your face becomes gayer as you age
ERIC BOGS: i’d say you and i are about a 6 on the gay face scale

Just for the record, I believe I’m a 3-4 on the gayface scale.


Homophobic Snickers Commercial - I don’t care that Snickers was “pressured” into removing this commercial, what I think is important is that everyone now recognizes this as homophobia. I make out with boys using Butterfinger chocolate bars made by Nestle Inc. anyway!

MMmmhmmm Butterfinger!

Crying at the Discoteq

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Our second issue, Discoteq is already shaping up to be a wonderful, giggly experience for us [the shy, timid, introverted Qr Staff] but I know it’s going to be a defining issue for our current & future fans.

from the movie Groove

Gettin’ krunk with your boys at the party, meeting Mr. Right on the dancefloor at midnight all Queer as Folk style, forsaking the gay scene forevah evah, doing the all-night rave circuit, slurping back Cosmotinis with your gayuppie friends—Discoteq will be celebrating, capturing and the escape we all seek stepping out, stepping foot on the dancefloor.

In the 70s on one hand young gay men were forced to seek refuge in underground, exclusively-gay clubs… but on the other hand they enjoyed a hedonistic pre-AIDS freedom that we’re still dealing with (and perhaps overcompensating for) today. And they got to enjoy disco music the first time around—can you believe it? I’d love to have a time machine, just for one night…

For me, my Studio 54 moments were shared between geeky college parties where I obsessed over the straight (and pseudo-straight hotties), doing the whole rave/Coachella/Burning Man thing, and some hedonistic jetsetting to London, England where boys have a very different kinda fun from us Yanks. Some gay boys choose to avoid the gay scene, some dive straight in and come out the other end a changed person—and some never come out at all, evolving from newbie to scene queen to alcoholic to partier to druggie to circuit boy to promoter to… oh… I dunno… sober leather daddy dom top. I think I just forcasted Kevin’s future (scary!)

We feature some amazing stories in our upcoming Discoteq issue—and some hot photos—but we’re always looking to hear from you dear reader! Qr is a celebration of all of our lives, and we want you to share your stories with us, and with each other.

Some of the stories we’re looking to hear from you:

  • What was your first time in a bar/club like?
  • Have you had a magical dancefloor moment?
  • What was your wildest college party like?
  • Why do you hate the gay scene/gay clubs?
  • What’s the sleaziest thing you’ve seen in a club?

Drop us a line if you’ve got a Discoteq story [or photo!] to share.

Keep it Qr,

Don’t freak out if you’ve been waiting for, looking for, praying for, crying for your copy of Outsider [Qr issue #1]… it’s not out yet. Sorry to be such a prick tease!