Gay Wedding Comedy And Owen Pallett

Chuck & Larry’s” Wedding:

“If your movie already has Adam Sandler marrying Kevin James, and a side order of Jessica Biel for desert [sic], what more do you need to make a comedy?”

Fire Jessica Biel?

I’ll reserve judgement about this movie until I see the awful trailer, but 20 dollars says one of the boys will use being gay to get close to a girl, and there’ll be some homo character support in order to round out all the edges.

On another topic:

I’m not Mr. Uber-sensitivity by any means, but I adore Owen Pallett’s ballads (unlike some people around here who shall remain nameless). He’s cute, has a great voice, beautiful lyrics, great epic melodies, and he’s gay. I’d love to do a profile on him for the magazine, so opinions are welcome.

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