$499 handbags and laser hair removal

Howdy, Qr Party People!

Cheesy? Ironic? How about…

Dear Interested Reader/Subscriber/Fanboy:

Nah. I just wanna say,


I’m Eric, one of the founding daddies* of Qr Magazine. How’s it going?

I just wanted to publicly say thank you to the thousands (!!!) of people who have taken a peek at our sample issue. The feedback, frankly, has been overwhelming. And passionate. Passionately positive, mostly, but also passionately negative, which is even more delicious.

You see, we started Qr after being frustrated by “the norm”. How the media represents us. How, culturally, we (meaning you, meaning me) are not really connected to any one group. We’re not generation X, or generation Y, or generation I. We’re grateful to the gays that came before us, who fought for the rights we take for granted today. We’re constantly aware of the invisible generation that we lost to the AIDS epidemic. We grimace at showtunes and Liza, at circuit parties and gay cruises, at $499 handbags and laser hair removal.

That ain’t us.

We’re gay, but that’s not what defines us. We’re not old, but not fresh off the boat. We’re far from innocent, but not too guilty. We’re individuals, living a crazy-sane pseudo-adult horny-romantic, friendly-international confident-fragile wellpaid-broke existence. Somewhere between adolesence and adultery adult life.

We’re outsiders.

And Qr is a reflection on each of us. We’re not telling you who to be, or what to buy, or how to think. The other magazines will do that. What we at Qr are doing is celebrating with you and all our friends, sharing experiences and wisdom with one another, telling stories over a beer or five, flirting in a friendly way.

To be young and gay in 2006, there is no “norm”. Some of us love being gay. Some of us never think about it.

All of us, however, are Qr.


* hey, i’m only 29!

We’d love to hear from you. Send us your love letters, your hate mail, your photos of your boyfriend, your story about stalking a celebrity, an interview with yourself… we love it all.

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