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If you haven’t taken the survey then please do so shortly. I’ve been reading the comments and there are some great constructive messages:

I personally would like to have more articles about what is happening with the Federal Marriage Admendment and other Federal and State legislator. Also, I know from experience the artistic ability of many young GLBT people and would like to see something to do with artistic talent, maybe do a spread on an unknown painter or writer.

The FMA and Political articles are on their way of course, it goes part and parcel with everything we stand for, I just hope you’re all ready for some heavy opinions being flung your way.

Under suggestions:

Topics that the closeted gay highschool student in middle america can relate, or find as inspiration, to: GLBT clubs in highschool, or support groups… or is this magazine just tongue in cheek and full of eye candy?

We’re certainly NOT JUST tongue in cheek, though admittedly, yes, we are full of eye candy. Qr certainly cares for the the closeted gay high schooler, and we’ll be on the lookout for inspiring stories from America’s gay youth as well as stories from guys in relationships who are in their 20’s.

I think the magazine is hot and one that I would truly buy, but you dont have any black or hispanic guys in the magazine..We read too.

Excuse me! I am a black or hispanic guy! Did you not see me standing next to Condoleeza?! I believe Eric has the Jungle Fever so we’ll be consulting him to scout out some boys who aren’t of the sickly pale variety.

The responses are pretty enthusiastic, although we did receive one message from an outraged man:

When I first stumbled upon the website avertising Qr mag, I thought it sounded great. The claim was that it would be a gay mag aimed toward teenagers. That it wouldn’t be like XY. Well, if that was the goal, you have failed. This magazine, like any other gay magazine (including, sometimes, The Advocate), focuses on beautiful men, and sex, more than it does the issues that the queer american youth needs to be updating themselves on. There is a war out there being fought against us, we need to realize that and do something about it. Not sit in our rooms jacking off to boys kissing photospreads.

Well, in response to that, I have to mention quite honestly that I’d rather be jacking off in my room than fighting this insane war, but that’s really only a taste of my own personal opinions.

We certainly consider everyone’s opinions, you vocal homos you, and all I have to say is keep them coming!

Kevin J.

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