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Gay Community Is Set For Explosion!

Monday, August 28th, 2006

I’m taking a little time off to answer a random fan email that came to my attention recently, check it out:

So you guys are former xy staff.. do you realize what a whammy that magazine threw on thousands of gay teens?

The pictures in XY and this magazine, as it seems, are of tiny, SUPER THIN ultra pretty types.

Young minds think they need to look like THAT to be considered attractive… why are you guys making the same mistake and continuing the damage?

First of all thank you. I never considered myself to be a SUPER THIN ultra pretty type, I’m a lot more used to being called a “nasty ugly slob” or a “for someone who has gay tendencies you sure are messy!” I called the cops on that last one, but that’s another story.

Secondly, I’ve heard enough White House press conferences to know a loaded question when I see one! You’re not going to back me in a corner there.

On a more serious note, I’m fully aware of the criticisms levied against XY and its sometimes vacuous nature. While I think it’s unfortunate that some younger boys and girls take a still image of a model as a personal critique on their own physical appearance, I feel that the problem doesn’t lie with the images of attractive individuals, but within the person’s perception of his or herself.

I think a lot of people [myself included] appreciate ogling a physically attractive boy, but the problem in a magazine occurs when you have SUPER THIN ultra pretty types with no context and no content.

Image isn’t everything, but it’s a subject worth delving into and examining, especially as a young gay male. Along with political articles, pictures of real boys and their thoughts, musings on body image, and travelogues, we have pretty and handsome boys in our magazine that, hopefully, won’t cause gay teenagers to implode in an apocalyptic fit of angst and self-loathing.

Besides, we need to have those hot boys in our magazine so that all the questioning straight boys who pick up the magazine can come play for our team post haste!

P.S. We’ll be updating the sample issue next week with a more streamlined look and some more surprise content…because YOU DEMANDED IT!

Kevin J.

Gay Wedding Comedy And Owen Pallett

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Chuck & Larry’s” Wedding:

“If your movie already has Adam Sandler marrying Kevin James, and a side order of Jessica Biel for desert [sic], what more do you need to make a comedy?”

Fire Jessica Biel?

I’ll reserve judgement about this movie until I see the awful trailer, but 20 dollars says one of the boys will use being gay to get close to a girl, and there’ll be some homo character support in order to round out all the edges.

On another topic:

I’m not Mr. Uber-sensitivity by any means, but I adore Owen Pallett’s ballads (unlike some people around here who shall remain nameless). He’s cute, has a great voice, beautiful lyrics, great epic melodies, and he’s gay. I’d love to do a profile on him for the magazine, so opinions are welcome.

$499 handbags and laser hair removal

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
Howdy, Qr Party People!

Cheesy? Ironic? How about…

Dear Interested Reader/Subscriber/Fanboy:

Nah. I just wanna say,


I’m Eric, one of the founding daddies* of Qr Magazine. How’s it going?

I just wanted to publicly say thank you to the thousands (!!!) of people who have taken a peek at our sample issue. The feedback, frankly, has been overwhelming. And passionate. Passionately positive, mostly, but also passionately negative, which is even more delicious.

You see, we started Qr after being frustrated by “the norm”. How the media represents us. How, culturally, we (meaning you, meaning me) are not really connected to any one group. We’re not generation X, or generation Y, or generation I. We’re grateful to the gays that came before us, who fought for the rights we take for granted today. We’re constantly aware of the invisible generation that we lost to the AIDS epidemic. We grimace at showtunes and Liza, at circuit parties and gay cruises, at $499 handbags and laser hair removal.

That ain’t us.

We’re gay, but that’s not what defines us. We’re not old, but not fresh off the boat. We’re far from innocent, but not too guilty. We’re individuals, living a crazy-sane pseudo-adult horny-romantic, friendly-international confident-fragile wellpaid-broke existence. Somewhere between adolesence and adultery adult life.

We’re outsiders.

And Qr is a reflection on each of us. We’re not telling you who to be, or what to buy, or how to think. The other magazines will do that. What we at Qr are doing is celebrating with you and all our friends, sharing experiences and wisdom with one another, telling stories over a beer or five, flirting in a friendly way.

To be young and gay in 2006, there is no “norm”. Some of us love being gay. Some of us never think about it.

All of us, however, are Qr.


* hey, i’m only 29!

We’d love to hear from you. Send us your love letters, your hate mail, your photos of your boyfriend, your story about stalking a celebrity, an interview with yourself… we love it all.

MySpace whore

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Hey everyone,

This is Greg, Qr’s Art Director and the one stuck managing Qr’s Myspace page. I know it sounds silly but keeping up with Qr’s MySpace page sometimes feels like a full-time job, but it’s a fun getaway from chasing down photographers and laying out pages for Issue 1.

Myspace has been an amazing resource for Qr, for finding writers and models to feature in the magazine. Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of messages from people interested in contributing to Qr and those who just want to give a few words of support.

‘I applaud you on this project. It seldom that you find a piece of media that is geared towards the very different, not just the gay “norm” (I hate that word!) Hope to see more of what you got to offer soon. Let me know where I can get the magazine. ;-) Peace out homes!’ -Cabbie

‘I love what you all are doing. If you ever need any help for columns or photos or anything…drop by and leave me a message. I hope you are very successful in the.’ - Love you all, “C”

‘Thanks for the request, Qr! It is nice to see a new magazine out for our community! I see a lot of promise for this magazine, good luck!’ -Myles

I’m real excited. what a great idea, wish this had started when I was younger…what am I saying I am still a baby. good luck.’ -Richie

‘I was drinking myself into oblivion when I got your request, but now I’m motivated to write. thanks. as repayment, I’d like to help you out. let me know what I can do. best of luck.’ -Brandon

When Qr posted the preview of the first issue, I started making Qr covers for friends and supporters of Qr in hopes they would make their main pics Qr covers and help spread the word. Many of our friends had changed their main pics but the greatest surprise was when I got a message from a very bright handsome young man from Bristol, England.

From: Your CandyMan
To: QrMagazine

Any good for a beginner? lol xxx


This is the best compliment the staff of Qr has gotten. Thank you Candyman and to everyone who has sent a message.

Come check out Qr on MySpace by clicking on the image below and make sure to say hi.


Keep it Qr,

Grace Jones

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

I know this is queer, but I’m not exactly sure why.

There’s a lovely touch of the Blue Danube at the very end.

Kevin J.

Qr Survey

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

If you haven’t taken the survey then please do so shortly. I’ve been reading the comments and there are some great constructive messages:

I personally would like to have more articles about what is happening with the Federal Marriage Admendment and other Federal and State legislator. Also, I know from experience the artistic ability of many young GLBT people and would like to see something to do with artistic talent, maybe do a spread on an unknown painter or writer.

The FMA and Political articles are on their way of course, it goes part and parcel with everything we stand for, I just hope you’re all ready for some heavy opinions being flung your way.

Under suggestions:

Topics that the closeted gay highschool student in middle america can relate, or find as inspiration, to: GLBT clubs in highschool, or support groups… or is this magazine just tongue in cheek and full of eye candy?

We’re certainly NOT JUST tongue in cheek, though admittedly, yes, we are full of eye candy. Qr certainly cares for the the closeted gay high schooler, and we’ll be on the lookout for inspiring stories from America’s gay youth as well as stories from guys in relationships who are in their 20’s.

I think the magazine is hot and one that I would truly buy, but you dont have any black or hispanic guys in the magazine..We read too.

Excuse me! I am a black or hispanic guy! Did you not see me standing next to Condoleeza?! I believe Eric has the Jungle Fever so we’ll be consulting him to scout out some boys who aren’t of the sickly pale variety.

The responses are pretty enthusiastic, although we did receive one message from an outraged man:

When I first stumbled upon the website avertising Qr mag, I thought it sounded great. The claim was that it would be a gay mag aimed toward teenagers. That it wouldn’t be like XY. Well, if that was the goal, you have failed. This magazine, like any other gay magazine (including, sometimes, The Advocate), focuses on beautiful men, and sex, more than it does the issues that the queer american youth needs to be updating themselves on. There is a war out there being fought against us, we need to realize that and do something about it. Not sit in our rooms jacking off to boys kissing photospreads.

Well, in response to that, I have to mention quite honestly that I’d rather be jacking off in my room than fighting this insane war, but that’s really only a taste of my own personal opinions.

We certainly consider everyone’s opinions, you vocal homos you, and all I have to say is keep them coming!

Kevin J.

ACLU fights for youth rights

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Check out some of the video interviews:

New York Club Cameras

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Video Cameras at Club Entrances

Last time I went to a club the place was surrounded by policemen on horses.

Oddly enough I felt pretty safe.

I’m not sure what the purpose of the cameras are, but the reason given in the article is just annoying.

They say the cameras will keep some people away from the clubs because some club-goers are not openly gay and fear being outed.

Jeez, I’m actually for that!

Kevin J.

gay marriage in massachusetts

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

snakes be damned

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

liquids on a plane